Stormwater Workshops Coming to Forest Heights

Upcoming Workshops on Innovative Stormwater Practices for FHHOA

Storm Drain 1Did you know that the recent dredging of Mill Pond cost the Forest Heights Homeowners Association about $600,000, or $300 per household? The FHHOA is working to identify opportunities to improve conditions in the developed land areas (within the neighborhood) with the intent of reducing the frequency of dredging Mill Pond. As a homeowner in Forest Heights, you can help the Association in their efforts by attending our upcoming stormwater workshops. These workshops are designed to address typical issues in communities that impact stormwater runoff and offer solutions that homeowners can easily put into practice on their properties.

Please join us for any of the workshops listed below:

Workshop 1 | What’s Wrong With a Little Dirt?

Date: May 15, 2014
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Location: TBD

Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control may not sound like the most exciting topic, but it’s critical to saving FHHOA residents money on dredging. Environmentally, just a little dirt can muddy a lot of water. In this workshop, we’ll learn:

  • Exactly what’s wrong with a little dirt
  • How to identify erosion problems
  • How to prevent erosion during the everyday management of your landscape (whether you garden yourself or hire someone)
  • The small additional costs and benefits of these practices
  • How to install best practices  during a brief outdoor demonstration