Proposed Trail for Community Input

Attention Homeowners!

The Board will be voting in March on whether or not to spend funds to build a new trail to connect Devoto/Chapin/Thompson road, with the idea of improving connectivity to Skyline and Forest Park as shown below.

Devoto Trail Layout

Devoto Trail Project FAQ

The cost of this trail is estimated to be between $17,500-$38,500 dependent upon the conditions of the ground and how much volunteer/staff help we can contribute.

The property itself gains 200 feet in elevation at an 18% grade, so in order to protect trees and keep in line with the City of Portland trail building standards, multiple switchbacks will be installed, resulting in a trail approximately 1500 feet in length.

The funds for this project are from prior year accumulated savings and not through the operating budget.  Therefore, per policy Resolution 9, the Board must seek homeowner feedback prior to voting to approve such an expenditure.

If you have any input in support or against this project you would like the Board to consider, please indicate so below: