Volunteers, We’re Looking For You!

Did you know that when you purchased your home in Forest Heights, you automatically became a member of the Forest Heights Homeowners Association (FHHOA), also known as a community association? In order for a community association to operate smoothly, it is important to understand the basic concept of how a community association is governed.

There are many forms of government that are not applicable to a community association. As an example, some owners think they have bought into a democracy in which they are entitled to vote on everything.

  • A community association is not a democracy

Some owners think they bought into a social organization where owners discuss issues and make casual decisions.

  • A community association is not a social organization

Many owners have belonged to a civil organization or to a union and may think that a community association is similarity run. They may believe that a board makes a recommendation to the members, such as on an annual budget and the members vote for or against the budget.

  • A community association is not a civic organization

Occasionally, owners think they have bought into a dictatorship or monarchy where one board member, usually a president, makes all decisions individually.

  • A community association is not a dictatorship or monarchy as board members are elected, not appointed

So then, just what is a community association?

A community association is a business, and a very substantial business at that.

Virtually every association is subject to a corporate form of governance. Board members are volunteers elected by the community association members. If an owner is not satisfied with the association operations, that owner (member) has the right to seek proxies and votes of other owners to get himself or herself elected to the association board. After the election, the board runs the day-to-day affairs of the corporation/community association (FHHOA).

The board has also been elected to make decisions and act in a way it believes to be in the best interest of the entire community association (a fiduciary responsibility to the members). The members are encouraged to express their opinion, but the board ultimately makes the decision. An owner has the primary right of attending the annual meeting (May 1, 2012) at which the election of the association’s governing board takes place.

The community association lifestyle is successful because members have volunteered to take turns serving on the board and have cooperated with each other in the governance of the community association. Common sense and a sense of what is best for the entire community prevail. Individual rights giving way to the best interest of the community is the foundation of a successful association.

FHHOA is looking for a few good members to step forward and volunteer their time as a board member for the betterment of our community association. Please step forward and volunteer your time to lead this great community. Contact the association office for more details.

Thank you.

~ Stephen Herr,
FHHOA General Manager ~