Proposed Off Leash Dog Area in Mill Pond Park

Attention Homeowners!

In response to community surveys that have indicated that the residents of Forest Heights would like to see an off-leash dog area at Forest Heights, the FHHOA Board is currently investigating the development of an off-leash dog area.  To date investigation tasks have not required the expenditure of FHHOA funds.  However, per FHHOA policy, to approve expenditure from accumulated savings, FHHOA staff and Board must seek input from homeowners.  Therefore, in the next 60 days FHHOA will solicit input from homeowners.  Homeowner input regarding financial considerations may be reviewed by Board members before a decision is made at board level at the end of the 60 day input period. Any operational recommendations may be reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Committee and included in the operational plan as it is finalized and prepared for FHHOA Board approval. The responses to this request for community input are not a vote of the community, but a great opportunity for community members to present constructive feedback, especially regarding the proposed initial expenditure and a plan for FHHOA dog owners to pay for registration of dogs that will use the facility. The association is anticipating receiving some great ideas.

The project is proposed as follows:

GOAL: To create a fenced area in common area for homeowners and residents to take their dogs and deter them from letting their dogs off leash in other open areas. The area will allow dogs to socialize and exercise without a leash, and will enable better control of animal waste in our community. The facility will also enable association members to socialize with one another while exercising their dogs.

LOCATION: The Parks & Recreation committee has explored and continues to explore potential sites that will have minimal impact on community members and the environment.  If the board of Directors approves the financing of the   off leash facility it will be installed in 2017.


The project at this point is posed to cost the following (in this order):

  • Electrical installation $5k
  • Fencing -$25k
  • Remote Access System – $4k (monthly expense = $199) or $1.5k for non-remote access
  • Vegetation or Buffer Landscaping – $5k (may not be required, and type depends on site chosen)
  • – Mutt Mitt dispenser, trash can, bench, etc. – $1k

Total estimated: $37.5 – $40K


The off-leash facility will be a facility only accessible to Forest Heights homeowners that are dog owners and have paid the annual facility/dog registration and membership fee. The fee is expected to be initially in the range of $25 – $50 per animal, and the funds raised will be used towards facility maintenance costs and development costs.


The Parks & Recreation committee have created a comprehensive policy on how the off-leash area would operate and how it will be self-sustaining by users of the area.  This document is in an advanced draft stage and has been reviewed by the Board of Directors and the association’s legal counsel.  The purpose of this document is to address any operational needs that the community may have regarding the off-leash facility, and to strictly regulate the use of the facility. The Parks and Recreation committee and the board have already identified operational details that need to be specified; however additional modifications can be made to this document based on community feedback. Please see below, review and provide comment as necessary.

Draft FHHOA Dog park rules and registration

If you have any input in support or against this project you would like the Board to consider, please indicate so below: