Planning a Home Improvement Project?

If the number of phone calls we have been receiving at the HOA office is any indication, many Forest Heights residents are starting to evaluate their property for maintenance or improvement projects. If you are now considering any projects that change the exterior of your home (roofing, painting, siding, additions, landscaping, play structures, etc.) please remember that you need to obtain approval in writing from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) prior to starting any work. This requirement also applies to exterior re-painting with existing paint colors or re-roofing with the original materials (no ARC fee for these two types of review).

Current versions of both the FHHOA ARC Applications and ARC Guidelines are posted on our website. The ARC applications have been updated and include an easy-to-read table of required items/materials for various projects, as well as the timing for when applications need to be turned in for ARC review.

Feel free to contact the HOA office for information or guidance as you begin the planning of your project. Our files should have data on the original materials and colors used by the builder of your home, as well as details on any subsequent projects.

If you are looking for referrals to reliable contractors, visit the HOA’s Recommended Contractors list. This list contains contractors that FHHOA staff has personally worked with, or who have been recommended to us by FHHOA residents or other trusted contractors.

The bottom line is that submitting an application to the ARC isn’t a scary or intimidating process. Applicants are welcome to schedule a time to meet with the committee to discuss their application and get feedback on their plans. The professionals on the committee are here to work with you to ensure that you have a project that pleases both you and the aesthetic of Forest Heights.

The ARC meets as needed and you can always view the upcoming meeting dates on the ARC page of the HOA website.

If you have questions about the ARC process, please contact Molly Oliver, Compliance Coordinator, by phone at (503) 297-9400 or by e-mail at: