ARC Applications

Choose from the following forms to submit to the ARC for your project. All forms are printable. Required submission materials and the review fee should accompany your completed application. Applications are due at the Association office no later than noon on the Wednesday preceding a meeting.

Mail/deliver submissions to:

Forest Heights ARC
2061 NW Miller Road
Portland, OR 97229

FAX: 503-297-9408

[PLEASE NOTE: If you live in a townhome or condominium (sub-association), you must also adhere to your own sub-association’s Architectural Review Guidelines. Please contact your sub-association for specific details, forms and policies regarding architectural changes you wish to make to your individual unit.]

New Home Construction

$1500 review fee

This review includes approval of the exterior house design, roofing material, exterior paint and stone selections and front/back yard landscape.

>> View and download New Home Construction ARC Application
>> View and download Building Contingencies

Structure Modification and Landscape

$200 review fee

This review covers home additions and home remodels, siding material changes including EIFs replacement and landscape plans.

>> View and download Structure Modification & Landscape ARC Application
>> View and download Landscape Plan Checklist
>> View and download Sample Landscape Plan

Minor Landscape Proposal

No review fee

>> View and Download Minor Landscape Application


General Architectural Changes

$100 review fee for first item
$50 fee for each additional item, maximum $200 review fee

This review covers a variety of projects including painting, fences, decks/patios and roofing material.

>> View and >> View and download General ARC Application.

Solar Rooftop Device Installation

$100 review fee

This review encompasses all solar panel rooftop installations.

>> View and download Solar Installation ARC Application
>> View and download Solar Installation Guidelines

Tree Removal/Replacement

$100 fee unless accompanied by an arborist report of City of Portland Tree Removal Permit*

The Association requires an ARC application for the removal of any tree 6” (six inches) in diameter or larger at breast height – defined as 6’ (six feet).

>> View and download Tree Removal/Replacement Application

*Please confirm with the Department of Urban Forestry (503) 823-4489 whether or not your tree requires permitting.

Please contact the ARC Administrator or 503-297-9400 if you have questions about which form is appropriate for your project.