Bark Dust Dos and Don’ts

With spring upon us, many of you will be sprucing up your yards — while at the same time taking steps to prevent spring and summer weeds from taking over your yard and gardens — by applying bark dust around your property. Before you take this step, please remember that the Forest Heights Homeowners Architectural Guidelines require that all homeowners use aged, dark barkdust as a general ground cover in the landscape.

Aged bark dust is darker in color than fresh bark dust. There are two predominant types of aged bark dust available that meet this requirement: Hemlock and Fir, and aged bark dust of either variety is allowed as a general ground cover in Forest Heights.

Although Fir costs less, Hemlock tends to have fewer splinters and is often preferred by homeowners with small children and/or pets, and by those who do their own gardening.

“Fresh” bark dust, red colored bark dust and bark nuggets are not allowed as a general ground cover in landscapes.

Forest Heights owners often ask the HOA office where to purchase aged, dark bark dust. Our recommendation is to buy from a local bark dust company, rather than purchasing bags of bark dust from a home improvement store. You can view the bark at a local distributor and confirm its color and age before ordering. All the companies listed below deliver to your home, and some will blow the bark dust on to your landscape for an additional fee. They also have information to help you determine the quantity of bark you need.


  Supplier | Website


You Haul


Blow In

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  Best Buy in Town 503-645-6665  *  *  *
  Cedar Mill Lumber 504-644-9101  *  *  *
  Grimm’s Fuel 503-636-3623  *  *  *
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If you have any questions, please contact our office at 503-297-9400.