Security Cameras

Our neighborhood has seen an increase in the number of front porch package thefts, car break-ins, and attempted burglaries in the past several months.  In addition to reporting these thefts to the police, a number of residents have installed some of the latest generation of outdoor security cameras.  These systems have dropped significantly in price during the… [Read More]

“Spring Scenes” Photography Contest

Join the Forest Heights Photo Contest “Spring Scenes” sponsored by the Community Engagement Committee! To participate grab your camera or phone and shoot some of the beautiful Spring scenes around Forest Heights.  The photos can be current or from your archives as long as they are original.   Rather than portraits or selfies, we are… [Read More]

No 2017 Easter Egg Hunt

As we look back at 2016, we had many community events that brought us all together –   Easter Egg Hunt, Concerts in the park, Fourth of July, National Night Out and International Festival.  These events are attended by hundreds every year and help our neighborhood be a desirable place to live. 2016 also brought our… [Read More]

Proposed Off Leash Dog Area in Mill Pond Park

Attention Homeowners! In response to community surveys that have indicated that the residents of Forest Heights would like to see an off-leash dog area at Forest Heights, the FHHOA Board is currently investigating the development of an off-leash dog area.  To date investigation tasks have not required the expenditure of FHHOA funds.  However, per FHHOA… [Read More]

Winter Weather Advisory

Winter weather is upon us… The Forest Heights Safety, Streetscape and Transportation Committee notes that it now looks as if the first snow that could cause traffic problems in FH will happen in the next couple of days.  If you recall last winter, a reasonably light snowfall resulted in Miller Road being shut down by… [Read More]

FHHOA Winter Preparadness Plan – Revised

Historically, during periods of snow and icy weather, the City of Portland only plows primary and secondary streets in our community. Streets that fall into these categories are: Skyline, Cornell, Miller and Thompson Road. Residential streets in our community are typically not plowed by the city, therefore the Forest Heights HOA has invested in two… [Read More]

Schools back in session shuttle schedule

As of August 29th, we will be back on our normal Shuttle Schedule.  Please also remember to encourage your teenagers to take the multiple Lincoln High School buses that are provided by the school district as our shuttle typically is over crowded during our 7:15/4:00 trips due to students not taking advantage of the alternatives. … [Read More]

New Summer Shuttle Schedule

The new summer schedule takes effect Monday, June 27th and will run through Friday, August 26th.  The goal is to incorporate a few extra daytime runs to allow more flexibility in activities during the summer break.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  Click here for the new schedule.

Bark Dust Can Create a Creeping Fire

submitted by TVFR Bark dust or mulch can add beauty and color to a landscape, keep weeds in check, control dust, and enrich the soil as it decomposes; however, it is also an organic material, which is highly flammable. As the wood in mulch begins to decompose, it produces heat. When mulch is spread in… [Read More]