Architectural Review Process

The Architectural Review Process at Forest Heights begins with the initial application and submittal. This submittal can be either for Preliminary Approval Review or for Final Approval Review; the required drawings and their due dates are listed below. Even after the house is constructed and exterior lighting has been installed, the ARC acting on behalf of the Home Owners Association continues to review all remodeling, additions, and landscape revisions. The following describes the process and outlines the steps to be taken by the Applicant.

No construction may begin before Final Approval has been granted by the Architectural Review Committee.

Preliminary Review

The purpose of a Preliminary Application is to allow for review of any sketches or drawings at an early stage in the planning process to ascertain if the general proposal conforms to Forest Heights’ architectural philosophy. For single-family homes, this step is not required, although it is strongly encouraged.  Preliminary reviews are encouraged so that modifications that might be required by the ARC are taken into consideration before final engineering is completed and construction permits are granted.  The Applicant may apply directly for Final Review if this is desirable for scheduling reasons or if plans are already complete.  One preliminary review is allowed for each project.

NOTE: Preliminary Approval does not confer the right to file for construction permits or to begin construction. Final Review is required of all projects.  Failure to receive final approval before beginning construction will result in fines and other sanctions being imposed.

Final Review

The Committee will review all required documentation and the application will receive one of the following:  “Denial,” “Incomplete,” “Conditional Approval ‘Subject to’,” or “Approval.” Review fees are due when the Final Review is submitted.

  • If the application is “Denied,” the Applicant must submit a new proposal. No construction permits may be applied for, nor may any construction begin. The applicant is given 30 days to resubmit a new proposal before the application is closed.  Once closed, the Applicant is required to submit a new application and the corresponding fee.
  • If the application is “Incomplete,” additional information must be presented to the ARC. No construction permits may be applied for, nor may construction begin. The Applicant is given 30 days to present the additional information before the application is closed.  Once closed, the Applicant is required to submit a new application and the corresponding fee.
  • If the application is given “Conditional Approval ‘Subject to’ ,” the Applicant may file for building permits and may begin construction, but some matters may require further review by the ARC and/or the Applicant may be required to submit additional information. In the case of new home construction, certain information, such as staked building corners, will be required before construction begins, while other information, such as paint color samples and exterior lighting, can be submitted after construction has begun.  Information such as landscape plans can be submitted after construction has been completed.  A form will be returned to the Applicant listing additional information required, issues not approved, and the dates when requirements must be satisfied. Should the requirements not be satisfied by the deadline set by the Committee, the application will be closed and the Applicant is required to submit a new application and the corresponding fee. The Applicant may not proceed with construction of any aspect of the project before that aspect has been reviewed and approved.
  • Final approval may be given if the following required information has been submitted and approved: satisfactory landscape plans, lighting plans, and exterior paint color samples.  Once the design of new home construction is approved, Applicants may come back to the Committee up to three times to submit these items.  Submissions beyond this number will be deemed new applications and will be charged the corresponding fee.

Applications submitted to the Committee may be resubmitted once.  Applications submitted to the Committee more than twice will be charged 50% of the original application fee to cover the Committee’s expenses for multiple reviews.

Approvals will be valid for one year, after which plans must be resubmitted if approved work has not been initiated. (See CC&Rs, Article VII, 7.10.)

All drawings must be 11” x 17”. Be sure to list the lot and block numbers, plat name, and the name, address, and telephone number of the contact person. Review fees are outlined on the Application Form. Contact the office if there are any questions related to the review fees.

Submissions are to be mailed or delivered to the ARC Administrator at the Forest Heights office located at 2033 NW Miller Road, Portland, OR  97229. Within 15 days following the Committee’s decision, a formal response will be mailed to the Applicant.

The ARC meets every other Thursday on an as-needed basis on Thursday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Applications must be received no later than Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. of the previous day. Every effort will be made to review applications submitted later than this deadline but the Committee reserves the right to hold late applications over until the following meeting.

If desired, the Applicant may schedule a 15-minute conference during the Thursday meeting of the ARC to discuss any special circumstances of the application. Appointment times begin at 10:00 a.m. Contact the ARC Administrator to set an appointment.